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You can feel the light start to tremble
Watching what you know out to sea, yeah.
You can see your life out the window, tonight…

for Justyna ♥

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Captain Swan Hiatus Meme | 1/10 scenes

You came all the way back here to save my family?
      I came back to save y o u.


When you wish upon a star

She’s surprised to see how easily it is for them to fall into this routine. Of course they have their moments of anxiety - do they deserve this? is it going to last? - but the more they open up to each other, the more comfortable they get.

They fight from time to time, but so do her parents - and they’re True Love - so it isn’t that alarming. Especially since they apologize immediately, not able to resist the wish to make their relationship work.

The town is calm tonight, and the atmosphere is almost magical when they step outside of Granny’s dinner. Almost surreal.

It feels like a dream.

And yet, here they are, in the sunset, fireflies flying around them - insects in Storybrooke still believe it’s spring since Elsa’s freezing curse is gone - and she can feel his hands brushing on her waist from behind.

His right hand curls into her golden hair - he won’t admit it out loud, but he’s glad he’s gotten his hand back just to do that - and he swirls her around, with all the tenderness he is capable of.

He looks down into her eyes, and she puts her hand on his chest and in his dark strands of hair, uncapable not to smile as he leans forward, eyes closed.

I love you”, he whispers against her lips. She’s startled by the suddenness of these 3 words, little but so meaningful. Eventually, she relaxes in his embrace, and her smile widens.

This is when she realizes they had never openly said the words. 

Not even once.

Because they both know actions speak louder than words.

They’ve been through so much together, they’ve lived so many adventures side by side, that they’ve never felt the need to say the 8 letters. They’ve already proven to each other how much they mean to one another.

Everything is quiet around them, and they keep holding each other, lips inches away - always the gentleman, he waits for her to move first.

So many adventures, so little talks.

I love you too.” She finally replies, entranced by his warmth and the serenity of the moment.

Because love is their greatest adventure.


once upon a time meme
(4/10) characters » robin (of locksley) hood

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partyinhannahsroom asked- Hook or Baelfire

make me choose

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